About Geo Com Ltd

Geo Com Ltd provides web sites for businesses based on their individual needs. We pride ourselves on using No Templates This means that your site is unique. Your web site will stand out from others. Geo Com Ltd prides itself on keeping up to date with the best and latest technology available. We currently use Ruby on Rails, SQLite, CSS and Flash technological advancements. In order to give you outstanding results we have installed and run our own servers with the software that we need to make your site run better.

Geo Com Ltd also designs downloadable programs for public use. A majority of our current publicly released programs are for Mac users.

Geo Com Ltd is exploring further ideas presently that we are very excited about. In all we see very exciting time ahead during the current global economy's "Minor Piffling Malfunction"

About The CEO

Geoff Evans

Geo Com Ltd is a company run by Geoff Evans. Geoff is a young entrepreneur who has had many years experience with computers and the Internet. When deciding what to do at University he was astounded to find that the technology being used was many years out of date, often offering something that he had learnt many years ago and had already moved on from, in the face of superior technological advancements. So Geoff instead decided to start Geo Com Ltd and use his talents to make great sites. Geoff has also been active within the Stage Production world, acting in many productions as well as running the sound desks. In this area he won the 2008 AMI Showdown Award for sound design in ACG Senior College's Production of "The Player Project". He is also active with NYTC helping in all their main shows

Recently Geoff Evans has become interested in "physical computing such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi and other such boards. He has also created and printed his own PC Boards for use with these systems. As well as printing his own boards he writes his own code for these systems in his spare time. At the moment he is in the process of creating an Underwater ROVer whenever he has a free moment.

Geoff Evans was educated at Hill Top School and Senior Collage, where he graduated following studies which included Photography, Design, Computers (Cambridge Dip), Business Studies, Thinking Skills


Geo Com Ltd believes that sites should be made using the best and latest technology. We believe that sites designed using templates are not as fresh, innovative or effective as having a site designed which is unique to your concern. This gives your web site the ability to show your product or services looking fresh and with it's own look and feel. We also provide advice to your business which makes the transition to the web age as easy as possible. We will give ideas that are creative and inventive, but most of all user friendly, and taking into account all web browser applications out there.


Geo Com commenced on January 14th 2004 using the name G Com, but shortly after changed to Geo Com. On the 16 November 2006 Geo Com Ltd became a Registered Company

From its inception Geo Com Ltd provided a service creating web sites. However in 2006 Geo Com Ltd added Programming to it's list of talents. In 2007 we unveiled Menuola. To find out more click on either the web tab or programming tab above.

In 2006 we added our first server facility and this facility has been available to the public and up and running since March 2007. Geo Com Ltd offers the ability to act as a server for client web sites. In November 2008 we updated our server to Mac OS X 10.5(Leopard) thereby allowing us to design Ruby On Rails based sites, giving faster and easier to use database driven sites. To help with speed we have servers based in Auckland NZ so that NZ based users can experience the ease of obtaining data which does not have to travel half way around the world to get to the end user.

In 2010 we released our first iPhone Application RonnieMo into the App Store. Later that year we launched our first iPad Application RonnieMo HD

In 2011 we undertook an extensive upgrade of our Server technology. We brought a brand new server in late 2011. In early 2012 we had fully set up our new server and moved over all the content from our old server. The new server is capable of 100Mbps Up/Down allowing for faster loading Sites. As part of the upgrade we fully automated the back up process. We keep backup copies of our sites locally and off site which is done once a day. We also do a daily clone so that if the main Hard Drive Fails we can switch drives and be back up and running quickly.