Web Site Design By Geo Com Ltd

Geo Com Ltd provides top quality service using the best and latest technology. For the investment you make in obtaining a specialist web designer, Geo Com Limited will ensure:

  • A fast loading site
  • Use of the best technology for your site
  • Use software which enhances your product or services
  • Compatibility with commonly used web browsers
  • User friendly
  • Regular updating
  • Value for money
  • On going technological support
Technology advancements have made it impossible for you to know all there is to know about creating and uploading a web site. You need the best. Geo Com Ltd offers you a service which will generally cost you less than the cost you would incur in buying the software packages and spending your time and energy creating a site instead of using your energy in selling your product or service.
The investment is well worth it.

Interested? Contact us and give us an idea of what it is you are wanting to achieve with your web site. Whether it is an online store or a basic business site or something more elaborate or functional or interactive - we can help you.

If you have a current site, tell us and we can have a look and give you ideas. Think about your corporate identity, e.g. colours, fonts used, brands. Tell us if you have affiliations with other companies or services so we can get a greater picture of your identity and services. We will then discuss your needs and send you a quote and a draft idea of what your site could look like.

Want to see some sites we have created? Listed below are some of the sites that we have made using PHP, CSS, Flash and Ruby On Rails


NZ World Chinese Badminton

Utilising the very best of current generation technology.

We created a rich dynamic web site for World Chinese Badminton. The use of SVG images allows for an amazing scalable experience for current generation retina computers and tablets and whatever may come next.

Howic Round Dance Club

Geo Com Ltd was approached to design a web site for a customer with no computer and computer experience.

Evans Professionals

In 2012 Geo Com Ltd undertook upgrades of the Evans Professionals web site. With this update an Online DVD Store was added.


DDMusic is an Owner/Operated retail Musical Instrument store.
“I have for several years tried to get programmers to make a site that with my limited computor skill is easy to operate though product is ever changing. Geo Com Ltd succeeded where all others failed I am delighted with the result.” – Denis Doherty

RonnieMo Lawyer Realtor

Geo Com Ltd was approached by RonnieMo. A venture that was just starting up. In this case a trademe type solution was needed.

Hill Top Friends

Geo Com Ltd was asked by the Friends Of Hill Top School to develop a site that was easy for Friends of the school, most of whom are elderly. So we made a site that was easy to read incorporating big text and an easy layout that worked better